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Your child will be:

#1 A better leader.

#2 A better speaker.

The best speakers will compete in the bi-annual KidTalks Finals in December and June.


Autumn 2018

September 8th to December 9th. The Competition is set for December 16th.

Tuition: $1012 plus tax ($1062)

Spring 2019

January 2019 – June 2019. Exact date TBA.

Tuition: $1350 plus tax ($1417)

For Your Information


  1. KidTalks proven success system does not allow for free trials. If students do not wish to continue after 1 lesson then 25% of the fee is returned. If KidTalks can replace the position within 10 days then 90% of the fee will be returned. 
  2. Students and parents may sit in as a guest to see how the program runs.
  3. Tax exemptions are available during certain offers.

Graduation Speech

  1. KidTalks provide students with the opportunity to express what social issue is important to them via a speech.
  2. All students give a memorized speech and the best students are chosen to participate in the finals.

KidTalks Finals

  1. KidTalks invests a great deal of time, manpower and money to arrange this event. Professional venues, photography, logistics, hiring judges, trophies, bonuses, etc.
  2. Term Tuition fees do not cover these expenses. Therefore each student who goes to The Finals will contribute $120-$160 towards the  competition (this sponsorship is based on the number of participants). They are given 4 tickets for friends and/or family.