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What is the Vision of KidTalks?

Empower and release the most powerful generation of “Leaders in Action” Canada has ever seen.

What is the Mission of KidTalks

Teach youth and millennials age 5 to 25 Influential Leadership and to speak with power and influence which leads to positive actions that change the culture.

Who Started KidTalks & Why?

Dr. Greg Gerrie wanted to help kids reach their full potential by understanding their true destiny and calling. After decades of going down the wrong paths and experiencing needless failures, Dr. G finally found the right path and his best destiny. Now his great desire is to teach others how to find their best destiny and then to speak on topics of social importance.

What Happens To Students At KidTalks?

Students literally convict and transform themselves through speaking even as they transform the world. Listen to their speeches and you will understand.

What is the content and structure of the course?

Depending on wheter it is the fall or spring season, 15-18 weeks of 75 to 90 minutes per class depending on age.

Mini (grade 1-2), Junior (grade 3-7), Senior (grade 8-12).

They will learn both leadership and speaking skills.

Leadership: Students are taught values and leadership principles from the Judeo-Christian ethic. Stories from the Bible and other leading books will be told as well as scriptural quotes and quotes from other famous people.

Speaking Skills: Students are taught basic speaking skills and as they advance will be taught skills to become as good as professional speakers. KidTalks will eventually provide a platform to be paid to speak.

How can learning to be a good speaker help children?

Children learn more than speaking. They learn leadership including the 7 Mountains of Influence. Children learn to overcome their fears so they are never afraid to express themselves. From this they will:

  • Have more confidence.
  • Have a sound mind.
  • Not be influenced by negative circumstances or people.
  • Have better friendships.
  • Be able to communicate better with parents and teachers.
  • Increase ability to get into better private schools and universities.

What is leadership training?

Leadership is learning to live with good values and wisdom.

Leadership is protecting the weak and caring for others.

Leadership is the ability to step out and take charge.

Leadership is learning to see what others do not.

Leadership is the ability to influence.

What are the 7 Mountains of Influence?

KidTalks wants young leaders to rise up and be influencers in these key areas of society:

1, Spiritual  2. Family 3. Education 4.Business & Finance 5. Arts & Entertainment 6. Media 7. Government.

Students will chose a speech that comes from one of these areas.

Can children take this program with limited English level?

Kids have to be at least ELL Level 3 to be in the program.

Can learning speech help your child's English progress? Do you have the ability to express yourself?

Yes, but this is not an ELL class. They will learn better English by listening to the teacher and creating a new speech with some new words.